Joemarine Institute | Motorman Course
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Motorman Course

What kind of People take this course?

Persons/people, who before being assigned to ship board duties or persons assigned, employed or engaged on a seagoing ship and/or ratings that are required to  safely perform an engineering watch at a support level on board a seagoing ship or vessels.

What does the course cover?

  • Safety Familiarization of marine engine watch
  • Marine engine watch duties Operations of marine engines
  • Maintenance of engines
  • Repair of engines
  • Fuel Properties
  • Fueling and Transfer operations on board
  • Understanding of diesel & Petrol Engine
  • System of diesel engine onboard a ship
  • Fuel System
  • Governors
  • Cooling Systems
  • Lubrication/Starting System
  • Valve Mechanism function
  • Outboard motors

Course delivery: Using combination of competent and experienced instructors, classroom syndicate exercises, interactive activities and practical training demonstrations.        

What will I gain from this qualification?

Participant at this course will gain the knowledge, understanding and competence including practical knowledge in effectively performing basic marine engineering duties on board a sea going vessels, they also will gain knowledge in the area of operations and maintenance of marine engines and the basic safety procedures to effectively conduct such assigned or designated duties..

Entry qualification?

No formal entry qualification is required but candidates must have a reasonable standard of written English.                                                              

Course Duration: Ten working (10) working days

Career Development: The Motorman training certificate will provide the basis for those holding the certificate to obtain a certificate of competency (COC) from the regulatory authority or flag state and also provide an opportunity for holder of the certificate to develop a career as ratings on board a vessel or ship.

Assessment:The course is assessed at the end of the final day