Joemarine Institute | Steward/Messman Training
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Ship’s Cooks Steward/Mess man Training

In accordance with Guideline B3.2.2 – titled Ship’s cook   of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 which requires or demands that ship’s owner should engaged only qualified and competent cooks with certificate issued by an approved institute recognized by the competent authority/administration of the state flying the flag of the where the vessel is domicile or recognized by other flag state

What does the course cover?

The course covers the following;

  • Steward duties / Food Safety
  • Safety and Work Precautions at the workplace
  • General Safety Precautions in respect to food preparation.            
  •  Safety hazards in the galley
  • Provision and Stock Management
  • Food budget management and administration
  • Control of drinking water.
  • Usage of (catering) equipment.
  • Preparation of the mess room and hygiene.
  • Maintaining of cabins and stewards ship board duties.

Course delivery:Using combination of competent and experienced instructors, classroom syndicate exercises interactive activities and practical training demonstrations.

What kind of People takes the Ship’s Cook s Steward/Mess man Training Program?

Persons/people/seamen that work or intend to take up the profession of ship’s cook steward/Mess man in the maritime and/or oil & gas sector or industries. 

What will I gain from this qualification? 

Upon satisfactory completion, trainees or graduates will be able to demonstrate the standard of competence required to undertake ship board duties as a ship’s cook’s steward on board a marine vessel/ship. They will be able to understand basic rules for nutrition during shift work on board a vessel/ship, recognized safety hazards in the galley and the prevention of food poison, gained knowledge on provision and stock management, principle of environmental protection and food budget management and administrations most especially hospitality management on board a vessel/ship..

Entry qualification:

This course is open to all those (including seafarers) who intends to work in the maritime industry as a ship cook/steward. Although reasonable standard of written English is required.                       

Course Duration:                                         

Two (2) weeks

Career Development:The Ship’s cooks steward/mess man training program provides a basis for a career in the catering industry and also provides the basic knowledge for stewards to obtaining the training certificate Ship’s cooks certificate.

Assessment: The course is assessed at the end of the training using written, oral and practical demonstration exercises