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Joemarine Institute Of Nautical Studies


This course is part of the training for deck and engineering officers who wish to qualify for a Certificate of Competency and crew who are designated to control fire fighting operations.
It covers fire fighting procedures at sea and in port with particular emphasis on organization, tactics and effective command including liaison with shore-based firefighters. It also covers topics such as ventilation control, hazards involving dangerous goods and the effects of fire fighting water on ship stability.

Course Objectives:

• Competence 1: Minimize the risk of fire.
Concept and Application of the fire triangle to fire and explosion
• Competence 2: Maintain a state of readiness to respond to emergency situations involving fires
Organization of Shipboard Fire Fighting
•Competence 3: Fight and Extinguish Fires
Selection of Fire-Fighting Appliances and Equipment;

Entry Requirements:

  • Candidate must be above 18 years
  • Posses Valid Seafarer Medical
  • Valid Means of Identification
  • 2 Recent Photographs