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Joemarine Institute Of Nautical Studies


The BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) is designated for people travelling to and working on an offshore installation (production platform, drilling rig, FPSO etc.). This training is worldwide accepted. 

The course offers the delegate a wide range of relevant knowledge and competencies which are necessary for travelling and working offshore. 

The training consists of several elements: safety and fire awareness, basic firefighting, first aid, helicopter safety, and escape and survival at sea.  

Course Objectives:

The BOSIET is a basic safety training in which delegates are trained on safety awareness and possible incidents on board of a mining installation. At the end of the course delegates can:

  • Recognize possible dangers and risks on board of offshore oil and gas installations and know how to reduce or eliminate these dangers;
  • understand the safety regulations and fundamental safety management concepts;
  • Use their safety equipment and follow the procedures during an emergency with a helicopter. Focus in the training is mainly on abandoning a helicopter after ditching;
  • show survival at sea and first aid techniques;
  • Demonstrate how to effectively use the basic fire extinguishers and self-rescue techniques in situations with limited sight, like with smoke-filled space.

Course Contents

Basic Safety Induction

  • Offshore hazards, their control & sequences
  • Waste disposal/environmental awareness
  • How offshore safety is regulated
  • How is offshore safety is managed
  • Procedures for prescribed medicines offshore
  • Alcohol and substance abuse policy
  • PPE requirements
  • Procedure for reporting incidents, accidents and near misses

Helicopter Safety and Escape Training

  • Donning aviation lifejacket
  • Actions in preparation for a helicopter ditching ad an emergency landing

Sea Survival Training

  • Donning of a permanent buoyancy lifejacket prior to use in an emergency
  • Actions when mustering and boarding a survival craft as a passenger during launching operations
  • Fitting of helicopter strop and correct body posture during winching
  • Immediate first aid actions the ABC

Fire Fighting and Self Rescue techniques

    • Use of appropriate handheld portable extinguishers
    • Self-rescue techniques with a smoke hood from areas where visibility is reduced due to smoke
    • Small group escape techniques etc.