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Joemarine Institute Of Nautical Studies


This course is designed to provide personnel who travel by helicopter with an understanding of helicopter escape procedures and, in particular, action to be taken to evacuate or escape from a ditched/capsized helicopter. The course is duly approved by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR).

Course Objectives:

This course aims to

  • Prepare participants for emergency exit in the event of a helicopter crash-landing over water
  • Increase personal¬† situational awareness abilities to save time during emergencies
  • Help students understand how to use the seat belt and control excessive buoyancy caused by safety suits inside
  • Teach how to operate external breathing apparatus

Course Contents

  • Familiarization before flight
  • Helicopter Safety Equipment
  • Helicopter Emergencies Procedures
  • Brace for impact positions
  • Helicopter underwater escape
  • Operating helicopter exits
  • Rescue
  • Abandonment Options
  • Cold Water Philosophy
  • Surviving in water
  • Practical Exercises